At The Law Offices of Nicole Hessen, P.A., we only represent injured workers. Our belief is that by focusing on one aspect of the law, we serve our clients better. Injured workers need a voice. They deserve an advocate. We are your voice. We are your advocate.

If you are the victim of any type of workplace injury or illness, we’d like to speak with you. Everything we do starts with a conversation.

“Ours is a one sentence mission statement: Work hard to bring injured workers and their families the medical care they need and every dollar they deserve. A simple goal achieved through hard work. Hard work is the foundation of our law firm.”
~ Nicole Hessen, Partner

Nicole Hessen Workman's Compensation Attorney West Palm Beach

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“You are interviewing our firm for the job of representing you. We’d like to personally earn your business.”
~ Nicole Hessen, Partner

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